Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 5, 2012 - Drywall

Wow, it's finally looking like a real house inside! By August 5 drywall had already been hung on the first and second floor, and everything was looking great.  Here's the view from the front door into the Living Room: 

And here's a view from the Living Room to the Kitchen/Dining Room:

Here's the mudroom:

The little boy's room:

The kids' bathroom:

My office nook:

The upstairs hall:

The "big" girl's room:

The Master Bedroom:

The Master Bath:

The stairway:

Here's hubby's office/studio before drywall.  Do you think it will be soundproofed enough to work while the kids play?!

 After the weekend the drywall was hung in the basement, and the taping and mudding was started.  Here is a shot of the office/studio after its special sound-dampening drywall:

Here are a few shots of the Rec Room

And here's the fireplace wall all framed up and drywalled a few days later:   

Now that everything is starting to look like a real house, we can't wait for all the finish details to start falling into place!  MY guess is we won't have to wait long, this place is flying!

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