Monday, July 16, 2012

July 30, 2012 - Siding and Insulation

Well, as usual, things seem to be flying along!  The siding is as finished as it's going to be until after the roof goes on.  Due to a longer than expected lead time on the roofing material, that's not going to be for another week or two, but we're loving the look so far. Here's a view from the back: 

And the front: 


 And here's the house-side of the garage:

Also, our garage now has a floor! We're pretty excited that someday soon we'll actually be able to park in here!

 The guys also added some special self-adhesive insulation to bridge the gap between window frames and wall framing, seen here:

After that step, any additional gaps were eliminated with expanding foam sealant.  (That's the yellowish substance you can see oozing out toward the bottom right in the next photo.)  After living in drafty older homes, we are thrilled to know our new home will be so seriously air-tight!

Finally, we were delighted to arrive at the house on Saturday just in time to watch the insulation get blown in!  It was a pretty cool (and very messy) process in which the insulation was supplied from a truck via a giant hose (seen in an earlier picture of the front of the house) and sprayed onto the walls.  This alone was pretty messy, and the result looked like the top of the wall between the door and the window in this photo:

Then one guy went over each wall with this spinning metal roller that scraped off all the excess insulation to prep the walls for drywall, leaving giant piles of "snow" that the kids were dying to jump in.

When that step was complete, another guy came along behind him to vacuum up all the excess fill.

When the job was done, our house looked like this:

I'll leave you for today with a close-up.  Can't wait to see what it all looks like when the drywall goes up!

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