Monday, June 11, 2012

May 22, 2012 - Cabinetry

So you may remember that we mentioned we were out of town for the big foundation pour.  Believe me, we wouldn't have missed that unless it was absolutely necessary, so here's the scoop: we were down at my in-laws accepting delivery of our kitchen cabinets!  Okay, I know what you're thinking.  Aren't we a bit early on this one?  Well, yes, but, IKEA was having an amazing sale, and you know how much we love IKEA! Seriously though, IKEA's annual Kitchen Sale ended April 28.  So, can you guess, where we were at 11am on April 28th?  Yup, our favorite Pittsburgh IKEA, with a very detailed shopping list in hand.  We were prepared to take advantage of their offer of 20% off and order all the cabinetry we wanted for the kitchen, Dining Room, and Laundry Room.  But when we got our turn to meet with the Kitchen department, our very helpful IKEA Kitchen Associate informed us that our desired Kitchen and Dining Room cabinetry was being discontinued...Wop wop.  But wait, she said as long as she could find all the pieces we wanted that meant we would get an additional 10% off!  I can't remember exactly how I figured this out, but 10% off combined with the regular offer of 20% off equals 28% off the original price!  So, we said some more prayers and kept ourselves busy while we awaited the verdict...and our helpful Kitchen Associate let us know that indeed she could find all of our desired cabinetry!  The catch of course is that my sweet in-laws' garage bay where our stuff is stored is packed to the gills, but I am hoping that we can get the cabinetry out of there sooner rather than later.  For now, I'll leave you with some photos of the type of cabinetry and handles we chose:

and some inspiration photos:

Images 1 &2 courtesy of IKEA, 3 & 4 courtesy of

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