Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 16, 2012 - Pouring Footers

We've had some great luck with arriving on site just as some great action is happening.  Usually we try to stop by after preschool, and on "footer" day we showed up and saw this:

The footer forms were in, complete with rebar, and there was even a tag on the caution tape that inspection had already taken place.  Within about a minute of being onsite it became apparent that the footer pour was imminent, so of course we had to stay!

I still think I get a bigger kick out of this than the kids most of the time, they just play around on rocks and dirt piles while I snap pictures of the action, but what a fun process to watch!  As you can tell we stayed long enough to see them pour and agitate the concrete, level it, float it smooth, and insert the rebar to connect to the foundation.  And it was all over in under thirty minutes!

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